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DBS Alum Checking in

I recently found out about this community from Athena's Web and thought it looked interesting. I'm class of '84 and hung out in Denbigh Backsmoker. I'm hoping that won't count against me since I understand that most members of this community spent more time in Erdman Back. 

BTW, I didn't make it to May Day this year. [hangs head] I live in Philly; I just didn't manage to get mobilized in time to make it. To anyone who did get there, how was it?  Anyone here involved in High Table?

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Shameless LOTR plug

Hrm. I hate sounding like a telemarketer but I think many backsmokerites really WOULD like the following. So apologies for the ad.

I'm a longtime member o' The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza, ginormous fan-made LOTR community, rather like a cross between Elsinore and the SCA, only it's LOTR-themed.

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The plaza has had over 80,000 members go through its doors. I'd estimate a thousand or so active at a time. As the movies recede in people's memories, it's a little harder than it used to be to get enough people for all the great kingdom activities. So I'm always hoping new Tolkien/LOTR fans will find their way to our doorstep.

If you like LOTR, please consider taking stopping by. That link again:

or go here to jump to the forums, the guts of the community.

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Give me that old time BMC religion

So areyououtthere and I went a-folk-singing the other night.

And we sang "Give me that old time religion." (similar to this version, or check your Rise Up Singing)

And we realized that we need an Athene verse.

Or two.

So here's what we concocted lickety-split between other songs.

The BMC-specific verse (with which I'm reasonably satisfied, but suggestions always welcome)

We will worship with Athene
Sings the sophomore and senior
In the Great Hall we have seen her
And that's good enough for me

A generic verse (which needs help, especially the third line)

We will worship with Athene
In wisdom there's no keener
With her grey eyes, owls and armour
And that's good enough for me